Taste the Music of… The Wands


As I getting more and more obsessed with Doctor Who (slowly going through s.28), I am starting dreaming of universes and alien species, David Tennant in a pyjama and Christopher Eccleston coming to me, smiling and grasping one of his catchphrases (*love-infused sigh*). As the Doctor, I am pretty sure he’d find “Fantastic!” (*another sigh*) also this track, which would be highly appropriate for the series.

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Killington Fall: Keep Your Eyes To The Sea EP

Killington Fall

Keep Your Eyes To The Sea



So, all in all, 2011 has been the Golden Age of post-rock. I am not just referring to the big names coming back, like Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai, but also plenty of other bands all over the world released EPs, CDs, compilations. Therefore, it is not that easy to stand out in such a big crowd, but somebody seems to have found a good amount of originality and choice in picking up influences, to get at least a few lines. Killington Fall’s EP ‘Keep your Eyes to the Sea’ is not something we cannot just put it aside, as some nice background music. This band wants us to listen to them, and add to its post-rock some dust and noise.  Continue reading