Dean Allen Foyd


With the 60s nostalgia you basically never go wrong. At least if you are talking to me. Despite my journalistic professional objective approach, my heart beats faster every time you mention words like psychedelia-Delta blues-acid rock (now, you people who submit music in my inbox, know how to grab my attention. No. I was joking. Seriously). There may be some truth in my 60s-obsession, and this again may be the reason why  quickly sympathised with the psychedelic band Dean Allen Foyd and its EP Road to Atlas.

The Stockholm based four piece blends in “everything from garage, delta blues, folk and space-rock”, which mean that it raises my interest… and my expectations. The oldies aura is well maintained on stage, where Dean Allen Foyd plays a different set at each concert during which the songs change their arrangements, and Canada-native singer and guitar player Francis Rencoret moves like a shaman in trance on stage (read: like a man called James Douglas Morrison).

Road To Atlas clearly reiterates the references, grabbing the poppy-psychedelia of Beatles and seasoning it with the upbeat protogarage of early Who. The energy must have been borrowed by the Woodstock-esque Sly Stone funk (Sadness of Mankind), which hints at a gloomier blues heritage, recognisable in songs such as Leave Me Be. The wicked psychedelia a là Syd Barret-ian Pink Floyd incorporates keyboard suites, arabesque Bobby Krieger-like guitar solos and baroque ballads, all in one song (Insects). Otherwise, the psychedelia becomes acid and fuzzy, recalling Grateful Dead’s fascinations and King Crimson’s suites, following the psychedelic trend which has infected the scene. Another case is the one of Road to Atlas, which plays more with the space-rock influences (struggling not to quote Dark Side of the Moon), and loses the spicy vibe of the previous tracks, going off on keyboard solos.

Road To Atlas is an EP designed for nostalgic 60s lovers, in a well-produced medley of the best of a decade. You won’t find anything  brand new here – just dusty, well-seasoned rock tunes. For some may not be enough, but I am more than happy as it is.

 Cover Album
Road to Atlas EP
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01. Sadness Of Mankind
02. Insects
03. Leave Me Be
04. Hwy Lost (Revisited)
05. Road To Atlas