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If I had to choose an area to specialise in, I’d pick blues and rock & roll, which basically covers bluegrass, rockabilly, and acid rock a là Hendrix and Doors. I’d not mind jazz, but it may be a bit of a stretch. I just love the way it delivers its message, and talks to its audience. Its little grandson, the black sheep of the family, is probably the “garage” rock and blues, which blends in acid, psychedelic mantra and rough spoken word. Continue reading

Taste the Music: Red Foot, Whoa! She’s a Babe, Battle Lines

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Hello hello. A lot of you were genuinely concerned about my cold: no worries guys, I am alive and kicking. Today is the day to taste some music, mainly for two reasons: firstly, I got so many bands sharing their tunes, that I feel like I should do something about it, and secondly, I have a 10 hour shift today and it’ll start terribly soon, so I need to get a move on.

Red Foot – Make it Quick

Let’s start with some electro-chilled fuel. The NYC four-piece Red Foot delivers some inspired tunes, packed with silky reverbs and delays, and a pinch of backing vocals now and then. The LUMEN-esque melancholy and the subtle fuzz make it a Suede-y track, perfect for this winter that really doesn’t seem to want to cease. Moreover, the snowy Instagram-filtered artwork conveys even more the gloomy, yet hopeful message : “I’ll crash and burn/ But I will return” (and you can trust me, I know A LOT about Instagram filters, as do my food creations). Nice and cozy, a really delightful track to match with the hot-chocolate-snuggling-blanket combo.

Whoa! She’s a Babe – Down Below

And now let’s rock and roll a bit, shall we? Sleaze-rock infused Whoa! She’s a Babe is a four-piece that blends in Spiders’ hard-rock and Hardcore Superstar-y bombing riffs. They’re wow out with the latest single “Down Below” to celebrate their participation in a rock and roll revival happening in Vancouver, Canada. Boogie-driven drums and sharp vocals, packed with a lot of denim and leather, what else could we ask for? Indeed, the video of “Down Below” represents quite effectively the general maverick aura of the electric-beat: booze, girls, studs and partying.

Battle Lines – Huh Her

Oh, I just LOVE this song. Okay, this may not be that impartial, but still, the mix of backing vocals, punk-infused electric shocks, electronic dissonance is overly addictive. The icing on the cake are the sensual funky female vocals a là Blue Willa. HUH HER is the debut song by Leeds (via Manchester and York) quartet Battle Lines: from the doo-woop-esque introduction, followed-up by upbeat drums, to the heavier guitar section, the songs evolves in a mash-up which can only be described as simply divine. Beware, you’ll soon fall in love with it. It’s unavoidable.

Just DIY: Paul Weintrob, Tom Blacklung and the Smokestacks

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When illness kicks in, with all the shivering and general over-heating, noodle soup is my lifeline. Not just comfort food, it is my figurative blanket, my little treat. And with this illness haunting me I have bravely explored what I think might be defined as the proper DIY side of contemporary music. Despite this being what I mainly do anyway, I’d like to shine a spotlight on self-produced, self-released and self-crafted music. Here draws the title of this “sub-section”. I like being in touch with bands who love to experiment and produce their own physical material. However, I need to warn you, what is described here is the the wicked side of independent music.

Paul Weintrob

People never really get what anti-folk is. Our companion Wikipedia states: “…the music tends to sound raw or experimental, it also generally mocks seriousness and pretension in the established music scene.” If we decide to go with Wiki, then Paul Weintrob’s James E. Holmes LP may actually make some sense. Spoken-word acoustic six-string-based tracks, spread with sarcasm (Chicken and its chicken-referencing melodies are just an example). It may all seem a bunch of socio-political-infused lyrics (Post-racial America) and lo-fi production (Istanbul). However, Paul Weintrob introduces random bits of country and distorted violins (Spootiskerry/ Loch Leven Castle/ Devil in the Kitchen feat. Henry M.), just to spicy it up. James E. Holmes LP is a pack of fast-paced tracks that manifests antifolk in the most genuine and sharpest way possible. Just like a punch in the face. Oh wait.

Tom Blacklung and the Smokestacks

What about some loud music? And when I say loud, I mean loud. Tom Blacklung and the Smokestacks is a Brooklyn three piece that mixes noise, proto-punk and experimental flashes. Out with their 5th release Bad Blood EP (on a cassette, how cool it that.), they deliver some rage-y punkish tunes, packed with a general fuzz. Despite the screaming vocals, the production is overall clear. Bluesy bass lines and garage-like riffs (Private Browsing) make the sound more complex and mature, whereas the lyrics tend to draw a bit into the swear-word-waterfall territory (Asshole and Slut). Passing on that and my general aversion to hardcore-esque screaming, I still appreciated the eclectic touch: Smile and Ribbon just made me crack up. A sparkling and soppy background, broken by helpless screaming, creates a fascinating oxymoron. And when a song makes you genuinely giggle, it has already conquered a little corner of your heart.


Interview with Let’s Talk Daggers

Let’s Talk Daggers is an hardcore/punk/alternative trio from the UK is still at its early beginning, with an EP out (which you can find here), but a quite good amount of live performances nationwide and also individual music experience before forming Let’s Talk Daggers. With a new EP out on Dec. 25th (!!), the band took some time to answer questions about lyrics, past experience, hardcore and emo genres and news about the future.  Continue reading

Joey Ramone commemorated by Shark

The 15th April was the was the q0th anniversary of Joey Ramone’s death. The British four-piece Sharks decided to commemorate him recording a cover of Ramones Life’s A Gas,uploaded on their soundcloud. The band said: “In commemoration of a special talent and a kind soul we recorded a rendition of ‘Life’s A Gas’, one of Joey‘s last songs with the Ramones.” (

The Offspring’s New Album – Work in Progress

The Offspring are back. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The follow-up to 2008’s  “Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace” doesn’t seem to be a legend, not anymore. The band announced that they’re 12/13 songs into the writing process at the moment.

Check the official podcast out in order to be always updated on how the sessions are going.

If you really cannot wait any longer, go and see them at the Reading and Leeds Festivals in August, where they’re supposed to play. The white guys that came along with us during our teenage hood are back.