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If I had to choose an area to specialise in, I’d pick blues and rock & roll, which basically covers bluegrass, rockabilly, and acid rock a là Hendrix and Doors. I’d not mind jazz, but it may be a bit of a stretch. I just love the way it delivers its message, and talks to its audience. Its little grandson, the black sheep of the family, is probably the “garage” rock and blues, which blends in acid, psychedelic mantra and rough spoken word. Continue reading

Interview with Aedi between rituals and magics

The interview itself is going to be quite long, so I am not going to spend too much time introducing the band, also because the interview is quite complete, and in a bit there will be also the gig report of the live performance at Vizi del Pellicano. A lot of talking, but I a pretty sure it is worth spending some words about Aedi. An Italian band in a continuous evolution, with a spicy and adorable front-woman (who sings the cutest Chinese happy birthday ever) and chatty male fellow travellers, even more chatty when it comes to talk without the recorder on. (picture on FLICKR) Continue reading

Searching for Garage Rockabilly

Talking about Golden Ages, I cannot help but thinking about the country/blues-related revival, which seems the new trend for 2012. After a 2011 full of synths, 2012 seems to get back to more garage rock tunes and country influences. The Italian answer to the US/UK bands is Vermillion Sands. Born  in 2008, the project relied on simple guitar/bass/drums composition, focusing on neat sound and a vintage touch. Dan Sartain meets Neil Young (the ‘Everybody’s Rockin’ one) that meets the garage rock of Blood Red Shoes, giving an evidence of the distorted side of country rock. They released three others records: “In The Woods” is permeated by a bit retro atmosphere, creating tracks enriched with backing vocals and highly focused on emphasizing also the instrumental interludes (‘In the Woods’). After ‘Rj012’, recorded together with Movie Star Junkies, in the EP entitled ‘Miss My Gun’ (via Sacred Bones) shapes a fascinating garage blues sound. Continue reading

Searching for Psychedelic (non)Brit Pop

On first listen, Capitan Love reminds me of a really intimate brit pop, a bit twee and highly contagious, catchy. A happy-go-lucky approach, if you get what I mean. There is some Lava lava love in it, a bit of Belle and Sebastian, duetting female/male vocals included (‘The Wasted Years of Captain Love’, the Italian ‘Ennio’), the most psychedelic Beatles, maybe with a pinch of Barrett (‘Blow into the Sky’) and you’ll have the new release of this Italian songwriter, entitled ‘The Wasted Years of Captain Love’. Continue reading

If you Were…Peter of Hymns

Hymns, or †HYMNS†, is a two-piece Rock band based around the Midlands. The duo, composed by ex-Blakfish Samuel Manwille and Peter Reisner make some classical-influenced garage rock, as the debut album ‘Contrary Virtues’ exemplifies (out via Big Scary Monsters and Function Records). You can get the free track ‘Miracles’ via Hymns’ bandcamp.

Continue reading