Xenia Rubinos


This may be the most random review I have ever written, on the week in which I have lost all of my music due to some evil laptop formatting (that’s why I have physical copies of all the Classics).

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Svarta Stugan – EP


I must admit, some bands really know how to grab my attention, especially if they start off the description with “a mix between Godspeed You! Black Emperor with the soundtracks to Twin Peaks and Blade Runner. Add some noise like the Japanese artist Merzbow (…)Svarta Stugan is a rich blend of all the aforementioned and even more, as it clearly proves in the self-titled EP. Moreover, it created a new sub-genre “twee-noise” – which literally made my day. Continue reading

Taste the Music: Cold in Berlin,Valerie June, Casimir


Having listened to Keaton Henson for the last couple of days, in all his delicate and fragile folk-y vibe, right now I am craving for some dark, heavy, beastly music – just to compensate. It seems that I have found my fuzzy fix in one of my Taste The Music tracks… Continue reading

Going Solo pt.II: Leaves and Stone, Hold on Photon

Again, I am on a train. Uhm, can you see a recurring pattern here? A lot of changes are coming, and I won’t lie to you, I am both overly excited and absolutely terrified. Oh well, cross your virtual fingers for me, please. In the meanwhile I have the second Going Solo feature for you, featuring a US songwriter a là Bob Dylan and an Italian Bryan Adams-esque band (two people…not technically solo, but I am quite sure you’ll forgive me for that). Continue reading