Gig Report: Georgie Vale, the Bo-Hos @ The Saracen’s Head


Hello, hello it’s gig time! First of all, I’d like to suggest all the Bathonians to make the most of the new gig night at the Saracen’s Head on Saturday. The first “Live Fish” night featured  both the lovely Georgie Vale and the Bo-Hos, aka Bohemian Assembly. Despite being a hilly tourist-y and University city, Bath still hides some musical gems worthy of a listen.

One of those is Georgie Vale, who jumps on stage armed with her acoustic guitar to deliver almost thirty minutes of inspired indie-folk. Drawing more from Alessi’s Ark silky atmosphere’s rather than Laura Marling-esque country-infused tunes, the intimate, slightly cheesy yet catchy short life-captions are songs you’d easily fall in love with. If you are particularly keen on mellifluous vocals and minimal music patterns, and have a special appreciation for adorably cheesy lyrics (like when she sang “I didn’t like the Spice girls, I liked the Smiths” I genuinely was going to hug her).

Completely different, yet equally brilliant, is the riot-rock of Bohemian Embassy. Five people on stage delivering what could be compared to Dropkick Murphys’ Celtic punk, with a bit more fuzz and a lot of violin-driven punk. Introducing the audience to the joys of the album “Built For The Future”, the band mixed Negative Pegasus-esque noise-rock, Gogol Bordello and Viza-infused gypsies-rock guitar riffs, making the whole crowd jump and hop around. The guys themselves were jumping around the remarkably small stage, going from rough-vocal-based punk to early REM-esque indie rock. Unfortunately, I had still to keep my professional hat on, sitting on a chair drinking gin and tonic; I promise, next time I’ll be jumping around front row.

Now, time for me to poke the guys and get my hands on one of their releases – and now, I should end with a villainous evil laugh in front of my screen, if you can picture it.