When the Music is Over is nothing more than a DIY music blog. Its purpose is sharing the love for music and give any band the chance to stand out, providing new content on a regular basis. The title comes from my main addiction (the Doors) but it’s also a representation of what music means to her. It’s all about passion, after all, and all I want is to spread the love for music; I hope you’ll help me doing so.

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Guest Bloggers who gave a precious contribution to the blog:

Gina Danielle 

I’ve been a writer for almost five years now and music reviews are where my love of the art began. My taste in music is varied and I am always open to new things, but I do have strong opinions on the music industry as a whole, and sometimes I believe that the best record will be from a band nobody knows, playing a tiny venue to try and get noticed. Having been Editor-in-Chief of my University’s Student Newspaper, bathimpact, I now write for a number of local magazines and websites in my quest to one day become a full time features writer.

To find out more, email me at ginareay@yahoo.com

Joe Petchonka

Joe Petchonka has been a writer for over five years, and has written for newspapers, websites and automotive dealerships. In addition to having an extensive writing background and bachelor’s degree in English, he has helped companies develop professional material to help them achieve their goals.

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