Taste the Music of…Quitty and the Don’ts


Do you remember the Kinks? I mean, who doesn’t remember the Kinks, the flower power, the Mods, and Britpop…*sighs*.

Well, I am pleased to introduce you to a band that blends in the Strypes rock-y edge and the Hives explosive garage attitude – even if its riffs are so Kinks-esque. This is exactly what Brooklyn-based Quitty and the Don’ts sounds like (no WordPress, it is really Don’ts, please stop auto-correcting). Combining soulful garage pop with dispassionate lyrics, drummer Quitty Bastardo formed Q&Ds as a trio in 2009, withKeyboardist Nogood Nick and guitarist Mike Q. joining soon after. Matt M. (bass) and lead vocalist Jordan D. Arsie completed the lineup in 2012, creating this punchy impetuous pop groove, that feels so much like the 60s. Bring it on, flower power. It’s time to shake those hips.


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