Taste the music of…Softly Dear


Show me your artwork, and I’ll tell you which is your music genre. This might be the most indie-snobbish statement I’ve ever written, although being true. Continue reading

Taste the music of…Caitlin Marie Bell

Caitlin Marie Bell

If  had to think of a real guilty pleasure of mine, probably the choice would be Sarah Mclachlan. As a massive fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah carried me through the most controversial moments of the series, with her extremely cheesy tracks that would kick off at the right time, every time. Somebody dies, and Sarah kicks in. Somebody leaves, and here we go again.  Continue reading

Taste the Music of…Baywaves


I love words, and I love playing with words (punning, twisting). Therefore, I appreciate when a band knows how to catch the attention, for example describing themselves as dream dark psychedelic hypnagogic hard pop. These are small things that catch my attention. However, I must admit that I cannot hear much dark and psychedelic vibe in Baywaves music.  Continue reading

Taste the Music of…Vidunder


A couple of days ago Ray Manzarek died after a long battle with cancer, and I was getting lost in London (practise that I do pretty often, and pretty well it seems). This man made me forget for a bit that bass guitar is essential to be a great band. He bumped into this weirdo whilst walking in Venice Beach, and they decided that they should start a band together, and after that…well, the rst is legend. Ray, you have been and will always be a great musician.  Continue reading

Taste the Music of…Mega Gem


Today is the day of the big move, so you can basically  imagine me running around, fitting boxes in the car, whilst repeating to my self and my lovely boyfriend “no, I DO really need all of those shoes with me, I cannot leave THEM behind!”. Aw, women, we are such special creatures. And just in case you were wondering, I am also taking with me all of my CDs and vinyls. Nobody will be left behind *fist up*. Now it is time for some music…some punk pop colourful almost math-ish band. Continue reading